nuovo Headquarter
Vergero Spa
Venaria Reale (TO)

Design Competition

Location: Venaria Reale (TO) – Italia

Year: 2021

The competition for Gruppo Vergero’s new headquarters is an opportunity to develop a
project which transforms into images the client’s Brand and Vision. The building is
located in a property of elongated shape, from which a visual appeal stage rises and develops
in parallel to the ring road shielding
the adjacent productive site.

The whole project bases on the concept of visibility of the work, which has to become
a symbol of the Client’s Group. Such visibility is obtained through natural and artificial light of the offices premise and
thanks to the visual effect of the structure on the ring road aside.

The office premise arises as a transparent glass box, with the sky reflecting itself during
the day and bright as a lantern in the night.

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