Housing Complex

Works and Project Management

Client: Reale Immobili Spa

Dimensions: 16,000 sqm

Work Amount: 13,000,000 EUR

Location: Torino – Italia

Year: 2017 – 2020

The so-called Isolato Sant’Emanuele bloc, at the beginning of via Roma, in the very heart of Turin, is the distinctive symbol of one of the most important urban transformations of the town. In this tricky context, the Work and Project Management phase took place in synergy with a careful and demanding commissioner and a top-level designers’ team. It concerned the whole requalification of the common parts (staircases, facades, systems) as well as the refurbishment of apartments in the Torre Littoria tower and in the whole bloc. Besides building and fittings, works also concerned energy and plants upgrading, with a wide range of actions to be coordinated in this tricky and complex building context.

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