New Headquarters – Offices

Architectural Project and Works Management

Client: Iren Spa

Dimensions: 16,000 sqm

Work Amount: 26,000,000 EUR

Location: Genova – Italia

Year: 2019 – to date

Gruppo IREN’s new headquarters have originated from the thorough requalification of a pre-existing building originally hosting the Genova mail sorting centre of Italian Mail.

The requalification goes along with the industrial spirit and redraws its internal spaces, bearing on a new conception of collaborative working environments where other specific areas for events, common activities, relax and socialisation, find their place too. Thus, the typical open space and the stiff division among departments hand over their spaces to cooperation and sharing.

The new created building envelope enables to reduce energy demand. It will be distributed on four facings following the exposures, thanks to the implementation of different building technologies (double layer facade, solar shadings, bio-climatic solar house).

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