Il Bim ha bisogno di un architetto che sappia organizzare il processo.
Non bastano le intenzioni progettuali, bisogna andare fino in fondo in tutti i dettagli

Patricia Viel

NO.T Architetti Associati are grouping architects located in Turin, Italy, founded by Silvia Rossi and Francesco Campobasso in 2011. Both founders graduated at the Faculty of Architecture of Turin Polytechnic and then merged their learning paths and skills, acquired through various experiences within the field of extensive projects, project management and executive oversight, as well as interior design, exhibiting spaces preparation and energetic aspects assessment. NO.T Architetti Associati can therefore boast a wide range of skills in different fields of the professional activity: residential architecture, commercial and management hubs, detailed projects for offices and private houses. ‎NO.T Architetti Associati strongly believe that the good quality of projects represents a fundamental asset in the process that sees the architect as lead actor, thus determining the good quality of the spaces he/she is going to create. This implies formal quality, usability, materials’ quality, and attention to detail as well as the impact on attitudes and mindsets of their users. ‎That is, in its broader meaning, on good quality of life.

‎In order to reach this purpose, NO.T Architetti Associati are engaged in research of best controlling all project phases, no matter the level of performance or service required. ‎This control is not limited to monitoring the various steps, even complex, leading to success of a task or process, but mostly to attention, insight and care of design, starting from the concept step, up to the execution and building, as well as support of the building process on the construction site.

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